New Outlook App Poses Security Concerns

As we reported last week, Microsoft released Outlook on iOS and Android (though the Android version is currently in a preview mode). Despite the app’s rave reviews, it seems as though some are skeptical about downloading it to tackle all of their email needs because of security concerns. The main problem being that Outlook sends security information, like passwords, back to Microsoft – and they also store them on a third-party cloud server.

This has caused European Parliament to ban officials from using it. In fact, IDG found that an email circulated to parliament members explicitly stated, ?(you should) not install this application, and in case you have already done so for your EP corporate mail, please uninstall it immediately and change your password.”

In this case, Parliament is not the only group concerned with Outlook’s security problems – René Winkelmeyer, an email security expert had a lot to say in this blog post about how Microsoft Outlook breaks your company security. It’s clear that Parliament doesn?t want to make the same mistake as sony 😉