Microsoft Clutter Gets An Upgrade Or Two

Clutter Learns How Users Move Within Their Email Mailbox

Microsoft will soon make Clutter a standard and integral part of Outlook. By June 15th, it’s expected that it will be turned on by default – with many believing this to be a good idea. Like Inbox, Clutter learns how users move within their email mailbox, and prioritizes your most important emails, and puts all of the rest in a folder that you’re able to go through whenever you want. In addition, new administrator controls will be added to help manage Clutter?

New Way Of Inbox Notifications

One of the new admin controls allows for users to  add a reply-to address for Clutter notifications. Furthermore, notifications in Clutter have changed – via Microsoft’s blog: “Existing inbox notifications are being replaced with alerts and summary notifications sent when Clutter is at work? You will receive a maximum of one alert per day. The summary notification is sent once per week making it easy to know what Clutter is doing for you.”

It’s Worth Trying

According to Microsoft, Clutter already moves 1 million plus emails a day, saving users an average of 82 minutes per month. Despite the fact that clutter is being made a default setting, users are able to turn it off if they don’t like it – but it’s a pretty awesome tool that’s certainly worth trying!