Mailchimp vs Klaviyo vs DirectIQ (2022 Comparison)

Mailchimp vs Klaviyo vs DirectIQ – which is best? With a range of email marketing automation tools available for businesses to choose from, it is important to separate the mediocre from the exceptional. These three email marketing automation platforms stand out from the crowd and represent the cream of the crop. This short guide will determine which tool is superior.


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What are DirectIQ’s best features?

DirectIQ’s platform comes with a drag-and-drop email editor designed to streamline the process of email creation. You can select from an eclectic mix of responsive email templates that are compatible with smartphones and tablets. DirectIQ provides everything needed to hit the ground running. The platform offers in-depth email marketing metrics to help track performance.



Drag-and-drop editor for quickly crafting campaigns

With the support of the drag-and-drop email designer, you can effortlessly build stunning email templates at the click of a button. The whole process is seamless. If you are in the business of developing high-converting email sequences, you need DirectIQ in your corner. This platform will equip you with everything you need to unleash the potential of email marketing.


Nobody uses HTML to code engaging email marketing campaigns from scratch any more. An effective drag-and-drop email designer can accelerate your email marketing efforts and enable you to produce usable templates that are ready for action. Spending countless hours coding HTML email templates is a thing of the past. Our drag-and-drop editor makes everything easier.



Split-test campaign strategies with ease

With the tools to split-test different campaign strategies, you can unlock the potential of your email campaigns and optimize around pivotal performance metrics, including open rates and click-through rates. When you have access to the right solutions, you have the freedom to experiment with email campaigns and push your creativity as a marketer further.


Every effective email marketing automation platform enables you to split-test different variables in your emails. Many teams split-test subject lines to uncover the best open-rate formula. By split-testing different versions of your emails with DirectIQ, your marketing team will have the necessary data to determine which strategies are most effective with your audience.


Responsive email templates for modern campaigns

Even though many marketing teams have the skills and expertise to build their campaigns from the ground up, they enjoy using responsive email templates on DirectIQ to kickstart the creative process and get things off the ground. When you require some creative inspiration and need to establish a clear direction for a campaign, we have an exciting mix of email templates.


Responsive email templates ensure the content is displayed correctly, no matter what device the recipient is using. For instance, responsive email templates will guarantee the email content looks incredible on both mobile and tablet devices, alongside standard desktop viewing. If you are creating media-rich email content, having access to responsive templates is essential.


DirectIQ Review

As of the writing date, DirectIQ has 4.9 out of 5 stars and 19 reviews on Capterra.

“The Direct IQ software is very easy to use and priced right. They are constantly adding and updating features to stay current. The reporting and targeting features are also great. The compatibility with the G Suite platform is also a plus. I would recommend giving it a try!”

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What is DirectIQ’s pricing structure?

You can get started with DirectIQ for free. That’s right, you can add up to 1,000 contacts and send up to 6,000 emails per month without charge. If you want to scale up your campaigns with more contacts and a higher send limit, we offer flexible per-month pricing to meet your needs.



What are Mailchimp’s best features?

Mailchimp comes with a variety of marketing CRM tools – enabling you to connect all of your existing data to the platform. To make contact management easy, Mailchimp offers ready-made segments. The quick-to-navigate audience dashboard allows you to recognize patterns in your data and make informed decisions on how to move forward with your email campaigns.


Mailchimp Review

As of the writing date, Mailchimp has 4.5 out of 5 stars and 14,798 reviews on Capterra.


“One of my favorite things in Mailchimp is undoubtedly customer support. Very fast and really helpful. Even if the application is very complex, they can definitely find a fast and effective solution for you. Also, they are very polite. I wish the interface improvements of the application were made as soon as possible, so we did not need so much customer support.”

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What is Mailchimp’s pricing structure?

Mailchimp offers a free plan which comes with a few basic features, such as a marketing CRM and a website builder. The paid plans offer more advanced features, including behavioral targeting, custom templates, and dynamic content. The pricing depends on the number of contacts you have. 24/7 customer support is only available on paid plans.



Mailchimp vs DirectIQ (Which Is Better?)

From real-time predictive analytics to advanced A/B testing options, DirectIQ provides a more well-rounded set of features than Mailchimp. With that said, Mailchimp offers some unique features, including the ability to create custom sign-up forms for landing pages. Although, as an all-encompassing marketing platform, DirectIQ’s capabilities are more expansive.


When it comes to online chat support, DirectIQ is unrivaled. As we mentioned, 24/7 customer support for Mailchimp is only available to those on paid plans. DirectIQ also comes with social media integrations to support intelligent email marketing. Whether you are sending 500 emails or 10,000, DirectIQ offers the tools to unify your marketing efforts and launch scalable campaigns.


If you are looking for a platform that will grow with your business, DirectIQ is the way to go. With its wide range of features and integrations, DirectIQ provides everything you need to launch sophisticated email marketing campaigns. It’s a game-changer for small businesses and enterprises alike. Marketers simply cannot get enough of DirectIQ.


You name it, they’ve got it. From customizable templates to advanced reporting, DirectIQ covers all bases. If you need a platform that will take your marketing to the next level, look no further than DirectIQ. This platform can single-handedly unlock the possibilities of email marketing for your business and enable you to hit key marketing goals and objectives.


Let’s switch things up and throw Klaviyo into the mix.


What are Klaviyo’s best features?

Klaviyo helps marketing teams use event data to craft personalized emails that convert. For instance, you can track event data such as products viewed, items ordered, and abandoned carts. This is ideal for ecommerce marketers looking to develop hyper-personalized campaigns. Klaviyo is well-equipped to support behavior-based email automation.


As an ecommerce platform, Klaviyo integrates with all the tools you use to power your cart, payments, and order automation workflow. Klaviyo is well-suited to the needs of both small businesses and large organizations. Whether you want to send emails to 250 contacts or 2,500 contacts, Klaviyo offers a scalable solution for ecommerce operations of all sizes.


Klaviyo Review

As of the writing date, Klaviyo has 4.7 out of 5 stars and 278 reviews on Capterra.


“Klavyio’s integration with almost any product in the market is one of its best features. This allows users to integrate Klaviyo into their existing workflows and systems seamlessly. Klavyio’s wide range of integrations makes it a versatile tool that can be used in many different ways.”

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What is Klaviyo’s pricing structure?

While Klaviyo offers a free plan, there are some tight restrictions. You cannot exceed 500 monthly email sends. If you want to add 1,001+ contacts to their system to kickstart your campaign, this starts at $45/month.




Mailchimp vs Klaviyo vs DirectIQ (Which Is Best?)

With a range of exciting features to accelerate your email marketing automation efforts, DirectIQ is best-equipped to meet your needs. DirectIQ has been widely praised by users for exceptional customer support. Our team wants to help you unlock as much value from our email marketing automation platform as possible. We believe DirectIQ can transform your campaigns.


Are you ready to get started? Whether you are a bootstrapped SaaS founder or a CMO at a larger organization, DirectIQ offers a scalable email marketing automation platform.


Sign up to DirectIQ for free today!


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