Google Trying To Dethrone Microsoft Outlook

Amit Singh, President of Google for Work, believes that Google applications can not only be A dominating force in the workplace in years to come, but THE dominating force. Companies spend about 300 million a year on workplace software, and Google wants companies to shift from outlook, and other microsoft platforms to their suite of google applications like google drive and Calender.

Sigh’s strategy is to help businesses integrate Google’s suite of apps, now called, “Google for work,” into their existing workspace, to both gain more users, and slowly have them switchover compeletely. Singh believes it’s less frustrating to add services than it is to change them, and in this way, companies are offered a taste of what Google has to offer. 

Singh believes that “The way people are using technology at work is changing. People are spending the vast bulk of their time on [mobile] devices versus desktops. [Workers] are involved in technology choices. They use things at hom eand they want to use the same things at work, because they find some of the same things at work haven’t kept up.”

I suppose time will tell if Google for Work becomes the end all be all!