China May Be Spying On Outlook Users

Just weeks after Gmail was blocked by Chinese authorities, it seems as though another tech Giant is having similar issues. It was reported yesterday that Microsoft Outlook users were having trouble accessing their accounts on various devices. Per, SMTP and IMAP protocols, which allow for users to send and receive messages, were disrupted by a MITM (man-in-the-middle) attack.

It’s speculated by that the CAC (Cyberspace Administration of China) is responsible for the interruption, and was looking to data-mine through it, ?If our accusation is correct, this new attack signals that the Chinese authorities are intent on further cracking down on communication methods that they cannot readily monitor.?

A Microsoft rep said that only a ?a small number of customers (were) impacted by malicious routing to a server impersonating The Microsoft rep also added that, ?If a customer sees a certificate warning, they should contact their service provider for assistance.?

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