American Companies Prefer Email To Postal Mail And TV Ads

Do American companies have a preferred means of communication? According to a new study by the folks at Marketingsherpa, seven in ten US adults have a preference for email. So it’s really no wonder that email marketing budgets are on the rise. The Marketingsherpa study took place from January 21st through the 23rd, and it surveyed a total of 2,057 adults aged 18 and above. After email at 72%, postal mail was preferred at 48%, and then TV ads at 34%, Print media at 31%, Text messages at 19% and Social Media and in-person at 17%.

Flint McGlaughlin, CEO at MarketingSherpa’s parent company MECLABS, explained, ? It’s not surprising that consumers who do business with companies continue to be receptive to email. Email can transcend monologue with dialogue. It enables marketers to build genuine relationships. This is important, because ultimately people don?t buy from companies; people buy from people.?

The study reported that 91% of those surveyed enjoy receiving promotional emails from companies that they have previously done business with. Regarding email frequency, the study found that US 86% of US adults prefer monthly email to weekly email (61%). The study also looked into how US consumers view promotions, and found that 69% have purchased items from companies due to the influence of a promo email. That said, it also found that 31% of survey participants claimed to have never made a purchase that was influenced by a company email. Here’s more on what Americans look for in promotional emails.

A couple months we wrote an article on how profits increase when following up with consumers that leave items in their online shopping carts — MarketingSherpa’s study results lay further claim to this fact, as 51% of participants claimed reminder emails helpful, and 6% sharing that they would certainly follow through on their transaction after being given such a reminder. Another 12% said that they consider following through with their purchase, and 10% say that if along with a reminder email, came a discount offer, they would consider purchasing items they left in the cart. That said, 38%  said that that they find reminder emails to be bothersome.