A Revolution In Mail?

Informed Delivery Scans Your Mail And Then Delivers The Scan Via Email

USPS has been testing out a really awesome service called Informed Delivery that scans your mail and then delivers the scan via email to your mailbox. It had been in testing since 2014 in Northern Virginia and soon will rollout to New York and some parts of Connecticut. Right now, only letter sized envelopes will be scanned and sent to email, although an expansion to alternative mail formats (Magazines, catalogs) will also be considered moving forward. USPS plans for their Informed Delivery service to expand domestically sometime in 2016.

The Mail Receiver Will Get An Email With The Images Of Their Mail

The basic idea is that the mail receiver will get an email with the images of their mail so that they know what they can expect upon returning home. The service is only offered for up to ten pieces of mail, and email notifications will be sent out on Monday through Saturday before 11AM.

Those that would like to sign-up for this service should head to this link: Informed Delivery