A New Spam Scam To Worry About

We Want To Keep Our Users Safe

As our regular blog readers know, when we’re not publishing posts about email marketing, or improvements to various email clients, we’re usually writing about email security issues – because we care a lot about keeping our users safe. A couple months ago we wrote about an email scam sweeping the UK, and before that, we wrote about the industries most at-risk to an email scam… this time we’re writing about one called NitlovePOS.

Scammers Are Sending Emails That Are MeantTtoLlook Like Job Inquiries

Recently, scammers have begun using spam to infect PoS (point-of-sale) computers. In other words, we encourage you not to check your email or browse the web from a PoS computer at work – because scammers are sending emails that are meant to look like job inquiries, with resume attachments that are actually macro. And, if the Macro is given permission to run, then it downloads malware from a server. The Malware was discovered by researchers at the security firm FireEye, and they say it can steal payment data. FireEye dubbed this malware threat as NitlovePOS, and it’s very similar to the kind that affected Target in late 2013, releasing tons of customer data to the public based on their PoS purchases.

Cybercriminals tend to attack PoS systems by guessing or stealing credentials that allow access to the system. That said, it’s not the most likely case for attacks to occur through spam as we described above with NitlovePOS.