A Great Email Encryption Tool For Email Clients

Messages Are As Secuere As Possible

Many businesses these days depend solely on the various Google Apps that are available to them to run smoothly and efficiently. There are about 30 million people that use them daily, and with so much communication going back and forth, it’s important that your messages are as secure as possible.

Email Encryption For Google Apps

Virtru is a really cool company that offers email encryption for google apps, and it can be a really valuable tool for email marketers. That said, it’s worth noting that it’s also available for other email clients like Outlook and Google. Virtru encrypts the TDF, Trusted Data Format, and allows for you to have really strong control over messages that are sent. You can decide when a message expires, and if it can be forwarded to other email addresses. Additionally, it allows for encrypted attachments. This is a really cool tool for those of you that run a lot of email marketing campaigns!  

For more information on how Virtru works, check out their website!